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      Milliners’ Guild only stocks high quality millinery. It aims to give established and emerging milliners a bricks and mortar location to sell their work and customers a quality assurance. We provide training and mentoring to both aspiring student milliners and established milliners, as well as providing a wide range of millinery to stage and screen. Milliners’ Guild takes its environmental and social impact very seriously, and as such actively promotes slow, sustainable fashion. It does this through not only working to ensure it’s milliners’ can earn a living wage from their work but also through reuse of materials and by being as close to zero waste as possible. Our products are directly created from byproducts or from fairly traded materials, and we never throw anything into landfill. We’re also powered by clean, renewable, green energy. Milliners’ Guild is the ethical way to purchase accessories. Milliners’ Guild is the only dedicated hat shop in Bristol, and unlike many of the hat shops in other nearby cities, Milliners’ Guild produces the majority of it’s stock on the premises. We specialize in hand made,not factory and mass produced items which means we provide customers with interesting one off or short run products, as well as a full bespoke service. Currently appointment only. Find us at 22 Upper Maudlin Street, Christmas Steps Arts Quarter, Bristol BS2 8DJ